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When you choose Hutchinson HVAC Professionals, you will find a dedicated local partner and HVAC contractor. Trust us to provide excellent service to your ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems and allow us to exceed your expectations

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Expert HVAC Installation in Hutchinson, KS - Upgrade Your Home Comfort

We have a clear objective: to give you first-rate HVAC solutions here at Hutchinson HVAC Professionals to guarantee your peace of mind and comfort. We are happy to work with homeowners looking for a reliable HVAC service company or business professionals who needs assistance with commercial heating and cooling solutions. Our staff has the dedicated work ethic, expertise and tenure to get the job done properly.

Hutchinson HVAC Professionals - Reliable AC and Furnace Repair in Haven & Inman - 24/7 Services

Hutchinson HVAC Professionals are proud to serve our neighbors in Hutchinson, but also the nearby communities. We provide service to the areas of South Hutchinson, Haven, Partridge,  Inman, Nickerson, Yoder, Castleton, Buhler, Arlington, Darlow, Sterling, Medora, Mt. Hope, Burrton, The Highlands and Willowbrook.  We are committed to providing phenomenal HVAC services making sure everyone has a connections to high quality indoor comfort preferences.

We would love for you to join our growing family of satisfied customers, who trust us with their HVAC needs. We are ready to keep your space comfortable all year long and are waiting to serve you. Experience the difference of Hutchinson HVAC Professionals today and allow us to service your with our commitment to unmatched professionalism.

Knowledgable Expertise

We live in the community and understand just how unique the Hutchinson area is. We bring that local know how to provide you with individual solutions.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in being transparent with you. You will always know the cost of a project before we start the job. We also offer HVAC Maintenance Plans to keep your system reliable all year long.

Dedicated Quality & Service

We are committed to bringing you excellent, first class service and options. Weather you have a new Energy- Efficient HVAC system or a system that is a few years old we provided the same quality of service.

Skilled Technicians & HVAC Contractor

We have a certified technical staff whom have a wealth of knowledge, experience and are committed to making sure you are happy with the job. We happily invest in our staff by providing ongoing training to stay on the cutting edge of HVAC mechanics.

Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Repairs in Burrton - Available Around the Clock

Is your furnace in Hutchinson ready for another winter?  Our specialized team is ready to help from install, upkeep and repairs on your homes furnace. 

Heat Pump Solutions

Heat Pump Solutions

If you are looking to make your home in Hutchinson as efficient as possible you may consider a heat pump. They provide comfort all year long while reducing your impact on the environment. We specialize in the installation, service and repair of heat pumps.

Boiler Services

Boiler Services

If you are looking to make your home in Nickerson as efficient as possible, you may consider a heat pump. They provide comfort all year long while reducing your impact on the environment. We specialize in the installation, service, and repair of heat pumps.

Furnace Repair Services

Furnace Repair

Our skilled technicians are committed to ensuring your South Hutchinson home’s heating system runs efficiently and reliably. Count on us for prompt, professional service that keeps you comfortable when it matters most.

Efficient Commercial HVAC Installations in Medora - Your Business Comfort Partner

Contact Hutchinson HVAC Professionals today to discuss how our reliable heating services can improve your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our certified professionals are committed to providing top-notch HVAC maintenance, emergency repairs, and state-of-the-art insulation and controls, ensuring your heating system delivers optimal performance and energy savings.

Affordable New Construction HVAC Installations in Hutchinson and the Surrounding area - Tailored Solutions

Summers in Reno County can be sweltering, our services are designed with your comfort in mind.

Air Conditioner Services

Air Conditioning Expertise

Our air conditioning services will help you stay cool even on the hottest summer days. We provide installation, preventative maintenance and swift repairs. Our master HVAC technicians are experts at all air conditioning systems to get you cooled off on those hot summers days in Buhler.

Ductless Mini-Splits

These systems offer very versatile cooling in your space.  When our team of highly skilled technicians arrive they provide comprehensive service and installation in Mt Hope, guaranteeing that it will be working soundly to give custom comfort for your space. 

AC Repair

AC Repair

When your AC unit decides to call it quits, you’re in urgent need of professional assistance in Sterling or the surrounding area. Our team of experts is here to provide quick, top-notch AC repair services to ensure you remain comfortable on those hot days.

Professional Ductwork Construction in Yoder - Enhancing Your HVAC Efficiency

Indoor air quality is critically needed to help keep you and your family healthy in Mt. Hope, Buhler, and Haven.

Air Purification Install

New Construction

Installing a professional grade air purifier in your Partridge home or Castleton work space will provide you cleaner air by helping remove pollen, dust mites, dander and other irritating allergens from your indoor spaces.

Humidifier Systems

Humidifier Solutions

Installing an air purifier in your home or work space will provide you cleaner air by helping remove pollen, dust mites, dander and other irritating allergens from your indoor spaces. We serve Inman, Yoder, Burrton, and the surrounding area.

Air Cleaners

The air in your home can be full of bacteria, viruses, and other stuff that’s not great for you, especially if you’ve got preexisting conditions. If you’re dealing with symptoms like a runny nose, dry eyes, or cough that feel a lot like asthma, consider getting a new air cleaner.

Air Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Just as with any other part of your home, dust and debris accumulate in the air ducts of your HVAC system. Trust the professionals at Hutchinson HVAC Professionals to clean your air ducts safely and properly.

Quality Exhaust Services for Buhler Businesses - Keep Your Air Fresh

Do you operate a business in Hutchinson or another area of Reno County? We provide commercial HVAC solutions that are comprehensive to your needs. 

Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioner Installation

We work with you all year long to make sure your business is keeping comfortable while using our rooftop unit services in Hutchinson, Plevna, and the surrounding area. Our team makes sure you are working efficiently and works hard to reduce downtime for repairs.

Commercial Ductwork Design

We specialized in commercial ductwork design making sure your commercial space is adequately ventilated and your employees or customers are comfortable in the space they’re in no matter if you’re in Nickerson or Arlington or Sterling.

Commercial Ductwork Design

We work in all areas, small offices to extensive warehouse spaces, to provide your custom HVAC designs to meet your needs. Custom options are our specialty let our technicians find your solution! We serve Partridge, South Hutchinson, Burrton, Medora, and more!

Commercial Maintenance

At Hutchinson HVAC Professionals, we specialize in commercial HVAC maintenance, ensuring your heating and cooling systems operate perfectly year-round. Our experienced technicians deliver solutions to Buhler, Willowbrook, and The Highlands that keep your business environment comfortable.